Group 5: Day 1 & 2 – The Group


At last, this is the moment engineering majors have been waiting for: the ex(citing+hausting) engineering lab! Our group consists of four people with different backgrounds, and we come from different countries. Left to right: There is Umair Saad, from Pakistan, Guinandra Jatikusumo from Indonesia, Sarah Abdu from Ethiopia, and Jeffrey Chen from the United States.

If, during the first day, we received a quick brief from our instructors on what we should do, during the second day, we were required to find a specific group of people for which our product is created. We brainstormed, and we ended up with a lot of potential types of users. In the end, after intense debates, discussions, and concept-challenges, we decided to choose patients and doctors (and their relatives) as the main potential market.

Hope that everything is going to go well!

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