DAY 1 by Group Se7en


Client Group.

For the first day our group tried to come up with our client group and we wanted to relate our project with ourselves and what we as new students were going through. We wanted to do something about old friends. We always see people falling out with old friends of high school and colleges not out of choice but out of inconvenience. The issue of time and business and lack of personal touch in all the technology currently available has led us further apart.


For further information we asked a few friends about what they missed about their friends. And this is what we were able to gather:

  1. doing silly things together
  2. playing games
  3. and above all share our days’ experiences, our ups and downs, our laughs and our sorrows.


So finally we concluded to use our product for all kinds of friendships including best friends, group of friends and romantic couples.

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