Group 5 – Day 3: Anxiety Galvanic Sensor

During the third day, we delved deeper into our idea of connecting the emotional bond between doctors, patients, and their relatives by proposing a product/device that we are planning to build, a device which we call the ‘Anxiety Galvanic Sensor’. This wearable technology detects patients’ anxiety by identifying the difference of conductivity of their skin, and, due to the difference of conductivity, triggers the outputs possessed by their relatives and doctors. These relatives and doctors then will be able to respond to the signal produced by the galvanic sensor, presumably via other input-output devices. The consumers of our product would be patients that are required by their doctors to refrain from sudden change of blood pressure or temperature. A patient with heart problems who requires constant monitoring will be one of the examples.

We also presented a sample case portrayed below:

After the lab session ended, we decided to stay and talked about how to materialize the idea. We used the Analog Input – Output function, applied the pull-up resistor concept taught during the lab session, measured our own skin conductivity, and wrote down some codes. With the help of the instructors, we have managed to see the difference received by the outputs (indicated by the change of light intensity of a LED) when the moisture of one’s skin in varies. We look forward to getting our hands dirty tomorrow!

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