Day 1

Before going to the lab, the class was divided into 7 groups. Each group contains 3 people working together. There was a box on each table containing the tools we  need for our work. We firstly learned how to make a simple circuit by connecting a battery to  a light bulb. We noticed that there is plus and minus charges on the light bulb and on the battery so we have to pay attention to were do we connect the wires. The small leg on the light bulb indicates positive while short leg is the negative. The battery has 4 different signs for connecting the wires, two positive and two negative.  We were also introduced to the voltmeter, a device used to find the number of ohms or volts. It can find the input value or the output value of any conducting material. There are many different options that are applied depending on the type of connection and needs.

We then used Arduino LilyPad  program that enable us to play around with circuit and the light bulb. We made the light blink, fade and other by typing some commands on the program page. There are a lot options that enable us to increase the speed of blinking or slow it down, make the light brighter or darker. The last think we did is to make the switch button. The light was turned on and we connected it with soft switch. As we push that soft material, the light will turn off and then then turn on  again as we remove our hands. We returned everything to its place at the end of the day and we had a short meeting to choose a client for our presentation.

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