Day 5

The products of prisoners was really complicated so we turned back to our first client (parents and babies) and we came up with a product that will make the parents feel close to their babies while they are out at work. The product consists of 4 shoes, two worn by the baby and the other two will be kept with the parents. The shoes that the baby is wearing are connected to pressure sensors and the the other two chose are connected to a LED lights. As the baby walks and press hard on the shoes then the LED light will turn on and inform the parents that their baby is walking.

We started working at 4pm in the lab until 12am. The first process is to provide the objects needed for the work. The instructors helped us a lot and we worked ill late night. The shoes and the circuit worked perfectly and the next step was to use the program to make a connection between the four shoes which is going to be in the next day.

Our kind professor ordered some pitzas after we were done and that was the end of that exciting day .

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