Day Four

ON the fourth day, which was wednesday, the team met with Stefan, Matt, and Hannah, to talk about our concept and how we can build it. We also talked about how a shirt would not be practical so we changed the idea of the shirt to a dog tag, which we thought was small, simple, does not need to be washed, and is very likely for the soldier be wearing at all times. We also decided to narrow down what we previously specified as our client group from the soldier’s family to the soldier’s kids.

We decided to create a glove as the object the child would receive, we chose this because it symbolizes the gesture of holding hands. Also, the glove could work as a symbol that children could relate to and feel that they’re not alone in this situation when they see other children wearing the same glove.

Having decided on our final concept, we decided to leave it at that and to start working the next day.

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