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Giving the second presentation. From right to left: Cici, Sachith, Tamás

This is the very first post of Group 6 in the Engineering Foundations: Design and Innovation Superlab 2011 event.

Our goal was to design, develop and demonstrate a product that provides a solution to a certain type of problem related to a kind of long-distance relationship. The team consisted of the fllowing members: Songyshu (Cici) Yang, Sachith Joseph and Tamás Aujeszky.

The first assignment was to present our target group of customers. The result can be seen in the first presentation (uploaded to this site). Our target customers were parents who need to work away from their baby even in his/her the earliest ages.

We had to present our vision of the product as the second assignment on the third day. The second presentation can also be found uploaded to the website. The concept we came up with is a two-way form of communication: the baby will wear a babyshirt that tells the parents when he is crying. On the other hand, the parents will be able to cheer up the baby by pressing a button on their wristband that results in a pattern lighting up on the babyshirt. Later we decided to change the babyshirt to a quilt because of mobility and other issues. 640w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Learning the basic concepts of circuitry

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